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Natatia Bledsoe is the public information officer for the Fredericksburg Police Department.

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Three Arrested in Counterfeiting Conspiracy

Target, 1180 Carl D Silver Pkwy, 1/10 11:00 am.  Police responded to a report that counterfeit $100 bills had been passed by two different male subjects, each of whom had made moderate purchases and received cash back as change.  A third male subject attempted to pass a counterfeit bill at the Starbucks counter inside Target, but he was not successful.  Video surveillance from the store showed all three offenders leaving the area in a white Mitsubishi with a rear Florida tag.  At approximately 1:00 pm, police received information that one of the offenders had attempted to pass a counterfeit bill at Sports Authority, but he left the store when the cashier became suspicious.  The officer responding to that incident passed the suspects’ vehicle as it was leaving Central Park; the officer stopped the car on Plank Rd at Interstate 95 and all three suspects were taken into custody.  It was later determined that the suspects passed counterfeit $100 bills at Office Depot, GNC, Old Navy, and Kohls in addition to Target.  Andre Livingston, 25, of Capitol Heights, Maryland, Kristopher Bowman, 23, of Washington D.C., and Rashad Rushdan, 24, of Clinton, Maryland were each charged with possession of counterfeit currency, conspiracy, uttering, attempted uttering, and obtaining goods by false pretenses.  All three were incarcerated at the Rappahannock Regional Jail under no bond.

It is worth noting that the counterfeit bills were created in such a fashion as to bypass the standard detection procedures in place at the cashier registers.

Click here to read more about counterfeit currency.


  • Rufus

    I would like to know what a phony bill looks like, so I never get one in change. I wish the Police would put them on display, or have a good online tutorial on how to spot a fake bill.
    Is this only a problem for store cashiers?

  • Natatia Bledsoe

    Hi Rufus,
    I added an informative link above regarding counterfeit currency. That should help!

    Natatia Bledsoe

  • Maxx

    Why are there so many folks coming down the the Fredericksburg area from Maryland to commit crimes like these?

  • Matthew

    I’m actually the cashier from Sports Authority that was handed the fake $100. In case you want to know what it looks like, it had no watermark when held up to the light (actually, more light passed through than I would have expected), the ink had a very slight purple tint to it, the aspect ratio on Benjamin’s face was slightly off (it looked horizontally squished), and it generally just looked off.

  • kg citizen

    You did a great job with the counterfeit money. Here is hoping that you will receive some type of reward from the Sports Authority corporation. Maybe you can earn extra pay teaching/reminding cashiers at the different Sports Authority stores what to look for in attemped cashing of counterfeit bills etc.
    The cost of paying you extra can only save the company a lot of money in the long run.
    Your family, friends and co-workers should be proud.