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Baseball partners falling $18 million short in stadium plan

Hagerstown_Suns_Cap_LogoCity Manager Bev Cameron just told the City Council that the baseball partners are coming up $18 million short in their plans to buy the former U.S. National Slavery Museum land.

The partners seek to build a stadium to bring the Class A Hagerstown Suns to Fredericksburg and to serve as home for Diamond Nation, which operates tournaments and camps.

Councilman Matt Kelly is making a pitch to support them and develop a plan.

Councilman Brad Ellis noted that George Mason University economist Stephen Fuller has estimated the project will generate $2.6 million annually for the local economy.

A key issue in the cost is the topography of the museum site.

Councilman Billy Withers is asking why the partners don’t consider buying a different site.

Mayor Mary Katherine Greenlaw said that’s not a question council can answer at this point.

Councilwoman Kerry Devine said the museum site is an issue and has had limitations from the beginning.

“I do hope we can figure out a solution,” Devine said.

Greenlaw said the council will hold a work session on Aug. 26 devoted to the project.

She noted that she respects the economist who created the economic impact study.

“Dr. Fuller is one of the most highly respected economists in the state, if not the East Coast,” Greenlaw said.

Kelly said he wants to meet in public with representatives from the Suns and Diamond Nation next week to gather information ahead of the Aug. 26 work session.

Ellis suggested the council could contact Fuller to ask him any questions they have about his study.