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City registrar reviewing numbers in the sheriff’s race

The percentages don’t seem to be changing but the raw numbers have. It looks like the total votes in the sheriff’s race are in the 5,500 range, with Sheriff Paul Higgs getting 4,160 votes instead of 4,959. It appears challenger Ron Swaney probably got 1,296 votes instead of 1,536.

The numbers still have not changed online as of this time.

Ms. Pitchford said a short while ago that  she was having trouble getting the state board of elections web site to accept the changes she was attempting.

That is when she provided me with the raw numbers.


City registrar Juanita Pitchford is currently reviewing the numbers in the city sheriff’s race because three precincts currently show identical numbers.

We don’t claim to be statisticians but the odds of that being correct seem extremely small.

We’ll update you as updated information becomes available.