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Chicken and honeybee permit applications available

Applications to raise chickens and honeybees in the city are now available on the city’s website.

The City Council passed two ordinances in the fall that will allow residents to keep up to four hens and two beehives. 

It was first brought to the City Council’s attention in May, when a petition with more than 700 signatures was presented to the council in support of allowing chickens and bees in residential neighborhoods.

Here is the application for the permit to raise chickens. 

The restrictions to raise chickens are:

  • No more than four chickens shall be kept on any residential lot
  • No person shall keep any rooster
  •  This permit does not allow a holder to sell eggs or slaughter chickens.
  •  The chickens shall be provided with a clean, covered, well-ventilated enclosure that is secure from predators.
  • The chickens must be kept in the covered enclosure or within a fenced area at all times and secured from predators.
  •  No enclosure shall be located closer than 20 feet to a side yard line and five feet to a rear lot line.
  •  No enclosure shall be located closer than 25 feet to any occupied residential structure.

Here is the application for the permit to raise honeybees.

The restrictions to raise honeybees are:

  •  No more than two hives may be kept on any residential lot.
  •  Hives must be located at least 10 feet from any side property line or public sidewalk and five feet from any rear property line.
  •  A constant supply of fresh water shall be provided on the lot, within twenty feet of all hives.
  • A flyway barrier at least six feet in height, consisting of a wall, solid fence, or dense vegetation, shall shield any part of a property line that is within 25 feet of a hive, or facing a hive opening.

This shows you how to submit an application online.