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The chickens and the bees

At Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, the council approved on second reading two new ordinances for allowing chickens and honeybees to be raised in the city.

Here are the setback rules for chickens:

  • 25 feet from occupied residential dwelling
  • 20 feet from any side yard lot line
  • Five feet from any rear yard lot line
  • Can’t be in the front yard

Here are the setback rules for the bees:

  • 10 feet from the side property lot line
  • Five feet from the rear property line
  • Fly away barrier at least six feet in height at any property line within 25 feet of the hive
  • Fresh water on site
  • Can’t be in the front yard

The council also directed City Attorney Kathleen Dooley to revise the city code to provide a new subsection “that the City Manager or his designee may revoke a license if there is one or more violation that is not corrected within the time period provided in the notice of violation.”

Here’s the memo from Dooley with the complete ordinances. 

Update: I spoke to the city attorney this afternoon and she said residents can begin applying for licenses in about a month. The city will needs a few weeks to get the system up and running (drafting the application form, working with the animal control officer, etc.) and then they will be ready to award the licenses. When I hear more, I’ll pass the information along.