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Planning commission to review city requests for new courthouse

The Fredericksburg Planning Commission will review five requests from the city in regard to building the new courthouse at its meeting on August 8.

The 75,000 square foot courthouse will be built at the corner of Princess Anne and Charlotte Streets.

The Architectural Review Board and the City Council are also in the process of making big decisions regarding the courthouse.

The ARB will meet Monday, to decide whether to grant a certificate of appropriateness and the City Council will have a work session Tuesday, where they will review the  recently submitted detailed design review plans from First Choice Public–Private Partners.

The city will request two special-use permits. The two permits are:

  • to construct the building; the properties are zoned commercial-downtown
  • to request a new curb cut for access to the basement of the proposed court building, which will be on Charlotte Street, near the intersection of Charlotte and Princess Anne Street.
The city will request three special exception permits. The three permits are:
  • to request existing off-site parking in lieu of providing parking on site
  • to construct the new court building with a floor-area-ratio of 3.5 in lieu of the maximum floor-area-ratio allowed in commercial-downtown zoning, which is 3.0
  • to construct the new courthouse building that reaches a height of 57 feet in lieu of the 50 foot maximum allowed in commercial-downtown zoning