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Mural to be painted on BikeWorks wall near Chatham Bridge

The 25,000 or so cars that come over the Chatham Bridge into Fredericksburg each week will be welcomed by a bright, colorful mural soon.

The site where the mural will be painted.

Mirinda Reynolds, a well-known artist in the area and an art teacher at Fredericksburg Academy, will lead a project to paint a 40-foot mural on the wall of BikeWorks that faces Sophia Street.

The mural will look like a vintage postcard. The picture will be of a woman on a bike looking into the city from Chatham Manor.

Reynolds said she was inspired by a California artist who paints in the Nouveau style and by murals of the 1930s that were part of the Works Progress Administration. The murals were painted as inspiration during the Great Depression.

She had a connection to that concept.

She said it’s her responsibility as an artist to not only welcome people into the city with the mural, but to celebrate the history of the city in it.

The mural will take about a month to complete, but Reynolds will have the help of Carol Coffman, also an artist, and an art teacher at Shirley C. Heim Middle School, in Stafford.

She’ll also have the help of five high school art students who will work on the project for a week each. The students are from Fredericksburg, Stafford and Spotsylvania.

She asked for recommendations from area art teachers for serious art students who are considering art as a career.

On Tuesday, she met with the students and their parents to explain the project and how to get them on board.

The mural will be about 26 feet high and 16 feet wide and will begin about seven feet off the ground.

The mural is expected to last at least 10 years. She’ll use high quality exterior acrylic paint and at least three coats of sealer, she said.

“Three weeks to create a 40 foot image is a phenomenal task,” Reynolds said. “I know I can do it.”