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Chain link fence up by river near Fall Hill Avenue

One of our Facebook readers asked this question and I thought some of you might be wondering about it too.

“Why is the city of Fredericksburg putting up a chain link fence along the river? I live off Fall Hill Ave. and they just finished putting the fence up. Theres no access to the river?

The city’s Public Works Director, Doug Fawcett, sent me the following answer:

“The installation of the fence is related to the construction of the Rappahannock River Heritage Trail and is required for erosion and sedimentation control. The project involves excavation near the river and measures must thus be taken to prevent runoff from the construction site from reaching the river. The City is erecting the fence in compliance with laws and regulations that protect the river and the Chesapeake Bay. We understand that  the fence impacts access to the river, but the trail can only be built with the erosion and sedimentation control measures in place. The fence will be removed upon completion of the construction of the trail and, to the extent possible, will be removed in sections as areas of the trail are completed and pass all required inspections.”