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Drumroll, please! We’ve got a winner for the quiz

Thanks to everyone who entered! You guys impressed me with your knowledge of Fredericksburg news this year.

How would you feel if I kept something like this going throughout the year, and included Fredericksburg trivia, history, news, etc.? (comment below)

Here are the answers:

1. Who did James Monroe High School play in the Division 3 Final game? The Brookville Bees 

2. Who won the election for Circuit Court Clerk? Jeff Small 

3. Where will the new courthouse facilities be? (give the intersection) Princess Anne and Charlotte Streets

4. Who is the Fredericksburg City Manager? Beverly Cameron 

5. What major national retailer closed in August? Borders 

….and now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

Congratulations to KATHY HOLLOWAY, you’re the winner! Please come to our office at 616 Amelia St. in Fredericksburg to claim your prize. (If you know Kathy, please let her know.)

Thanks again to everyone for entering and have a great 2012! Keep reading the City Beat blog for all your 22401 news.