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Free Lance-Star objects to closed meeting

The City Council is currently holding a closed session to discuss the contract for the court facilities.

After the motion was made to close the meeting and the vote was taken (6-0) to close it, I read an objection to the closing of the meeting.

I asked the council to consider the spirit of the Freedom of Information Act and concept of open government rather than the narrow letter of the law.

Then I quoted a little bit of the law.

The way we see it, the council’s job is to represent the people of Fredericksburg. Though it can close the meeting, it doesn’t have to.

Three members of council responded after I read the statement.

In my opinion, the public is still the beneficiary, it will result in the meeting of the needs of the public in the best possible way. The people remain absolutely the beneficiary in this process, said Kerry Devine.

The mayor said he respectfully disagrees with our position.

“We will still offer ample opportunity for the public to comment on what we are doing tonight,” said Brad Ellis.  which are the three. Everyone knows we are down to three. I’m usre we will have discussion around the horseshoe about what we like and don’t like as well.”

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