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Dominion expects to have 95 percent of power back by Friday

Dominion just sent out a release that more than 600,000 already have power (1.2 million lost it) and it expects to have 90 to 95 percent of power restored by Friday and more than 75 percent restored by Wednesday night.

We have a call in to the company to find who will be last to have their power restored, so stay tuned for updates.

Here’s a list of crews that are out repairing power lines today.

Here’s how Dominion determines whose power to fix first: (It’s straight off Dominion’s website)

  • Assessments – The first step to restoring power after a major storm is getting good assessments of the damage. This can take up to a full day after a major, widespread storm.
  • First Priorities – Critical infrastructure circuits get top priority. These power lines bring electricity to hospitals, water pumping stations, police and fire departments and other emergency facility locations. We restore power to these locations are soon as we hear about them.
  • Second Priorities – After critical infrastructure circuits are restored, we then restore power to the greatest number of customers in the shortest amount of time.
  • Safety – During a restoration, the safety of our crews is paramount. Restoration work is hazardous and physically demanding. For this reason, most crews work from sunup to sundown to restore electric service, and come back the next day to keep turning lights back on. However some restoration work continues during the night when it is safe to continue. Other Dominion employees organize the next day’s jobs so repairs can be done in the most efficient and effective way possible
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