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Borders in Central Park to close

The Borders in Central Park will begin its liquidation sale Friday morning. A bankruptcy judge approved liquidation today, and the company will begin liquidation sales in all but 30 of its stores. The liquidators are Hilco and Gordon Brothers Retail Partners.


The store will have normal business hours for at least Friday and the weekend. The cafe will be closed and there will no longer be Wi-Fi in the store.

General Manager Ron Burch said he expects the sale to last six to eight weeks, based on the Stafford Borders liquidation sale when it closed.

Borders Group, Inc. filed for Bankruptcy in February and closed about 200 of its stores.

The Central Park stores has 25 employees, 7 or 8 of which are full-time and the rest part-time.

Books-A-Million has offered to buy about 30 of Borders’ stores, but its unlikely that they will take over the Central Park location.

Since the Joseph-Beth Booksellers closed at the end of June, Books-A-Million has agreed to open its store by Aug. 1 in the 26,000 square-foot retail space.

For more details, read tomorrow’s FLS.