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Cowan Boulevard Trail to be extended

Last night City Manager Beverly Cameron approved awarding the contract to extend the Cowan Boulevard trail to Messer Contracting, of Glen Allen, Virginia.

The walking and cycling trail on the south side of Cowan Boulevard will be extended from Keeneland Road eastward to Route 1. A pedestrian crossing will be added to the intersection of Cowan Boulevard and Route 1. The trail will continue along one block of Rowe Street to the sidewalk on the south side of Stafford Avenue. The connection to the sidewalk will provide sidewalk access to William Street and downtown. (If you can’t visualize this, see the map below.)

The project is a VDOT transportation enghancement project, so the city will pay 20 percent ( $27, 718) and VDOT will pay 80 percent ($110,874). The total cost of the project is $138, 592. (The contract price plus 10 percent coningency.)

UPDATE: I spoke with Doug Fawcett, Director of  Public works for the city. He told me that the project is pending final approval from VDOT, which should take about a week. To complete the whole thing, it will take about five months. Residents can expect to be able to start using the trail in mid-to-late Fall.

Here’s a diagram:


  • Pete Ost

    This is great! I feel guilty riding my bicycle across the street and running through the “wrong way- do not enter” signs at the FRED station, and soon I won’t have to feel bad about doing that.

    Plus, it’ll make it easier for my return trip in the other direction of Cowan Blvd!

    This will be my last comment after your forced commercial CAPTCHA. You all are really pushing it with the pop ups and animated ads. Very unprofessional and low-rent money grubbing tactics.

  • Roy McAfee

    This trail extension is the culmination of many citizen’s efforts over many years on; transportation groups like FAMPO, planning groups like Concordia, the Planning Commission and documents like the Comprehensive Plan. I love it when a plan comes together.

  • Rufus`

    More bike racks would be nice, in places like Central Park. Someone can go from the bus station to Central Park by bike, and lock it there.

  • Chris Waller

    A good portion of the $139K cost is comprised of the Rt.1 pedestrian crossing equipment, although the price still seems a bit high for such a short trail extension.

    Complete focus and commitment of City resources is now needed to remove the final impediments to the VCR Trail so that it can be built in the Lafayette Blvd Corridor, including additional connections to more communities, parks and the UMW ballfields.

    The ultimate goal should be the expeditious completion of an integrated network of trails linking communities and amenities throughout the City, rather than disconnected trails that only serve a small area.