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City to add another park

The city will have another new park and residents can expect to be able to use it in May, says Bob Antozzi, Director of Parks, Recreation and Utilities. The park will be at Cowan Boulevard and Powhatan Street, near Hugh Mercer Elementary.

The park will have a playground, benches, a trail and landscaping. You can see the plans for the park here – the sketches and pictures of the playground equipment are on pages 23 to 26 of the document.

Here’s a map of the area where the park is. The marker is where the new park will be.


  • Rufus`

    Occasionally there are news stories of violent crime in those apartments nearby. Maybe they should put some halogen lights in this park. Bums are sometimes camping in that small patch of woods at Powhatan and Cowan. You can see their tents sometimes.
    The bike path should be extended from this park, down Cowan, and into Central Park.
    Also they need to put more lights along Cowan – it is a very dark road at night. I am surprised that this park gets priority over Cowan’s need for lights.

  • Lee

    Parks are great but I question the location of this one. Many bums (excuse me, homeless) live all around Cowan Blvd. in the woods and in the culverts and under the bridges. Let’s not make a place for them to hang out with this park. Also, let’s not put any basketball courts there either. If this does become a park, let it be for little kids. But I predict the bums (excuse me, homeless) will ruin this area just like they have at Hurkump Park.

  • Lee

    PS: There more I think about it, most kids that live in the Cowan area play over at HMES anyway. Why does another kiddie park need to be built? If a park goes there it should be a dog park. Us dog owners need a place for our best friends to have fun.

  • Heavensgrate

    You can forget another dog park, the city would do anything to close the one it has now.