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Fredericksburg Area Bar Association passes resolution in support of a new circuit courthouse

At its meeting last night, the Fredericksburg Area Bar Association unanimously passed a resoultion in support of building a new circuit courthouse.

The resolution states that Fredericksburg is “the center of a rapidly growing region which requires modern court facilites to serve the growing population today and into the future, and the current Circuit Court facility is inadequate for the security of the patrions, bailiffs, employees, and other individuals utilizing it.”

You can view the resolution for yourself here.


  • Matt Kelly

    How much is the Fredericksburg Area Bar Association willing to chip in to pay for it?

  • Dave Paschettti

    Of course these lawyers want a new courthouse. This resolution is worthless. The question is why can’t they support a less expensive option at a different site that requires them to walk farther to work?

    What a bunch of cry babies. They can afford the massive tax increase the current courthouse plan will require because of their outrageous per hour charges.

    An attorney is one of the most ridiculous jobs in the country, and also one of the sleaziest.

  • Matt Kelly

    Just out of curiosity did anyone deem to ask why the Bar Association only endorsed a new Circuit Court building and NOT a new court complex as envisioned by City Council? A bit of a difference but still a big cost.