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Morning Buzz – Feb. 17, 2011

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Consolidating services and employees between city governments and school divisions is something that comes up from time to time as a way to save local taxpayer dollars. After a Lynchburg politician asked about it, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli issued an opinion saying that while some services may be OK to consolidate, these entities shouldn’t share a finance director. The News & Advance has the story here. From their report:

“Budgetary disputes between localities and school boards occur with regularity throughout the Commonwealth,” he wrote. “A shared chief financial officer will find it difficult to act independently with each body. Certainly, the appearance of independence would not be present.”

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  • Matt Kelly

    You may want to check in with King George County. They already have done some consolidation. I believe it was on the financial side. They were working on maintenance but I think that has stalled. Been a while since I checked in on this.

  • LarryG

    Not sure where the AG is coming from on this. You have multiple elected officials in counties besides the School Board to include the Sheriff who submit their budget to the county and work with the county finance officer.

    I do not think this AG is as much interested in following the law and Constitution as he is in using the office to pursue his own agenda of how he thinks govt should work.

  • Hagia sophia

    Lets consolidate city council with the sanitation department.

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