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Wilder updates blog, but not city tax collector

As we reported today, former Gov. L. Douglas Wilder sent us an e-mail at 8:40 last night to let us know he had updated his blog in response to “quite a few inquiries about the status of the United States National Slavery Museum” that he has received over the past few days.

One of those inquiries came from Kelly Hannon, about a story she wrote for Sunday’s paper about how folks who’ve donated artifacts to the proposed museum have no clue what’s become of their stuff. Hannon got Wilder on the phone, but he quickly transferred her to a secretary. He says his blog post is “the full and comprehensive statement of the board of directors about the current and future status of the museum.”

We will have more in tomorrow’s paper about all this (although I gotta say, aside from a little more interest being added to the tax bill, I am not finding much new here).

Just in case you were wondering, Wilder hasn’t found the time yet to contact the city treasurer about the $148,482.75 in overdue real estate taxes his organization owes on the Slavery Museum’s Celebrate Virginia property. Hannon wrote here about what the path forward is with that land.

City Treasurer G.M. Haney said today that his office has not heard anything from Wilder, though he would like to talk to him. Haney’s office has not yet sent a letter to Wilder as part of the process of collecting the overdue taxes, but he said he plans to soon. In the meantime, he’s researching the implications of deed restrictions the Silver Cos. placed on the property when they gifted it to the museum that limit its future use to a cultural museum.

“I would say that limits your buyers a little,” Haney said.


  • TPKeller

    I suspect that eventually, the city will be asked to forgive this tax debt.

    What process would need to happen in order for that to actually take place?

  • Hagia sophia

    Does anybody seriously believe the bold-faced lies from Wilder’s office? If you do I’d say you are a shoo-in for the next city council election – thats assuming anyone besides you runs.

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