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Morning Buzz – Jan. 21, 2011

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Fitch Ratings recently affirmed Fredericksburg’s AA+ bond rating, and upgraded the city’s fiscal outlook back to “stable,” after it was downgraded to “negative” in the last budget year. That’s the top item on City Manager Bev Cameron’s report to the council, which is available here.

Wegmans, the first business to get open and operating using the city’s tax-based incentives program, showed up in the No. 3 spot yesterday on Fortune’s annual “100 Best Companies to Work For” list. See the list here.

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  • http://ClarificationIITheSequal Matthew Kelly

    Here is the link to the overview on the rating which does mention the courts project.

    But in reading the report its clear that the city will be expected to continue to hold the line on the budget and not take on more debt. So lets start talking about the cost for other city services and priorities.

  • http://UmqaoU GIVEMEABREAK2M

    It is clear to this taxpayer that if the city fails to get its spending plan in order, we will soon see a tax increase. City government needs to stop unnecessary spending such as sending a $500,000.00 fire department ladder truck to medical calls. If the fire department has to send equipment, why can’t they send a piece of equipment that doesn’t cost so much to operate???There is a lot of waste in city spending….just look around.

  • Rufus

    The City needs to eliminate excess employees. Spotsylvania and Stafford made employee cuts, but not Fredericksburg.
    Also, the kids here have plenty of money, and should pay an admission to the Dixon Street Pool. The ticket prices should be enough to pay for upkeep of the pool. This should never be on the back of the taxpayers.

  • Billy der Kind

    Removing some of the James Monroe teacher deadwood would sve a lot of money.

  • http://ClarificationIITheSequal Matthew Kelly

    Rufus–The city has eliminated quite a few positions. Most has been done through attrition.

  • http://whiskey intheknow

    The City government not only eliminated positions, but took extraordinary care to do so in such a way that people were not laid off. Positions were left vacant as employees retired or left, others were consolidated, personnel were moved across departments from less critical positions to fill vacancies in more critical ones, employees took a pay cut and have not seen raises in years.

    It made for increased work loads for less compensation, but nobody lost their job. The fact that it was accomplished without fanfare or interruption in essential City services speaks to the quality of the employees and managers.

  • Judy Fazio

    I have been a visitor of your blog for a decent amount of time but only now decided to comment here, Fantastic job !!