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Morning Buzz – Jan. 20, 2011

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Fredericksburg is one of four localities in our region that would see an increase in state education funding under Gov. Bob McDonnell’s budget proposal, according to a story in today’s paper by Chelyen Davis. If you’ve followed city budget issues, you know that Fredericksburg starts out getting a MUCH lower share of its education costs paid for by the state than do neighboring Spotsylvania and Stafford counties, so it’s not as if anyone in Richmond’s been playing favorites with the city. At the local level, the schools are asking for a $1.4 million increase in local funding next year to pay for increased insurance and pension costs, five new teachers and a 2.5 percent raise (that’s a working number; the schools budget proposal depends on the ever-changing state and local budget proposals). You might see a little more friction between the City Council and School Board this year than you have in years past. Expect questions that Councilman Fred Howe has asked about tuition for non-city residents and residency status checks for students to resurface, and expect some discussion of what is driving an increase in the number of students in the system.

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