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National Citizen Survey

Still getting some correspondence about the budget item on tap for tonight’s council meeting concerning the National Citizen Survey.

If you’d like to learn more about the survey product the council wants to buy, check out this page.

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  • http://ClarificationIITheSequal Matthew Kelly

    For a city of our size one would expect that city reps would actually go out and interact with residents at civic association meetings and community events. This check the box and mail it in proposal is not community interaction. It also avoids having to directly respond to questions and concerns. With the way the budget is, and will be this coming year, this is not a good use of $11,400.00.

  • LarryG

    I don’t think there is enough transparency in the budget to start with.

    The Virginia Auditor of Public Accounts has an interesting spreadsheet that details on a per capita basis what people pay for govt functions – in virtually every county and city in Va.

    The interesting thing is that the City and Counties are REQUIRED by LAW to submit to the Va Auditor – these categories of spending and the Auditor then publishes them in a Comparative Report.

    but no City or County that I know off actually publishes their budget in the same form the auditor requires – and I would submit that that is a form that is what the average person can understand and make informed judgments about – and it’s a form they already have because the auditor requires it and yet.. not provided.

    I always found the published budgets to suspiciously resemble gibberish … rather than anything the average person could easily see where the money was going.

  • Blobert

    Another complete waste of the taxpayers’ money. Why do we need to pay a consultant to tell us what the citizens think? Can’t the council members go down to the local coffee shop or talk to their neighbor over the yard fence? This idea is Dumb with a capital D.

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