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Morning Buzz – Nov. 22, 2010

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You can read in today’s tomorrow’s paper about the proposed arts and cultural district for downtown. Council members will hold a public hearing tomorrow night on this idea. In the meantime, read the proposed ordinance and see a map of the proposed boundaries here.

Last week’s post about Fredericksburg’s proposal to spend money asking city residents what they think about city services started a little debate about surveys. I saw some of the same feedback several years ago in Lynchburg, when that city chose to use this same survey company to poll residents. Then, as now, I got messages from folks suggesting that the city taxpayers already financed a city-wide survey, also known as an election. In Fredericksburg, though, the last one of those got a pretty sorry response rate.

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  • Rheingold

    I wish City Council would get out of the business of awarding tax breaks to favored businesses. The argument that such measures benefit the city in the long run is specious, based on amateur hour economic assumptions and doofus projections. Better would be an across the board tax decrease (property, business license, user fees, etc.) for all residents and businesses which would make us more competitive than our neighboring jurisdictions. If we lose the occasional water park or starving artists gallery then so be it. Those seven little gnomes on city council surely are surely not smart enough to wisely steward our local economy.

  • Wilson

    Electoral participation might improve if there were choices! You had 4 uncontested ward races in the last election. Might as well ask Kaiser Tomzak to appoint his own personal cheering sectiont. Elections? Surely you jest!