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Morning Buzz – Nov. 19, 2010

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Some of the results of the two-day retreat the City Council held last month show up on next week’s meeting agenda. The iPad request Councilman Brad Ellis made at last week’s meeting shows up as a $15,000 budget item for purchasing “tablet computers” to help the council go nearly paperless with its agendas and supporting documents.

At the same time, council members will be asked to consider spending $11,400 to survey residents about the quality of city services. They could also appropriate $30,000 toward efforts to abate blight on private property around town.

The University of Mary Washington will be painting UMW logos on College Avenue this weekend, kind of like the V’s UVA has on Charlottesville streets. Check Kelly Hannon’s blog for details.

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  • City Guy

    Very disappointed to see there’s no online option for this.

    “The survey is mailed and returned by mail, which improves response rates and keeps costs down”.

    Keeps costs down? Really? Because I’m sure that printing, packaging and mailing 30,000+ pieces of paper costs *less* than e-mail would.

    Improves response rates? I doubt it. I’d be more willing to fill out a survey online than to snail-mail a piece of dead tree.

  • City Guy

    Sorry, my 30,000+ was incorrect. 1,200 surveys are going out. So almost $12,000 for 1200 surveys? That’s about $10 per survey!

  • Mark O.

    I do not want to see the city pay for a study of what I and other city residents think of the services. It is a waste of money to poll a tiny percentage of the population and provide the data as fact or proof.

    The answer is NO.

  • Pericles

    Better than a survey – how ’bout council members go down to local coffee shop or chat over backyard fence with actual people? Might learn what is bugging the unwashed proletariat better than sexy survey. Maybe the commissars of our local politburo prefer getting only preordained positive feedback, eh Comrade?