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Morning Buzz – Nov. 18, 2010

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In attempting to cut budget deficits, politicians inevitably pass tough decisions down to the next level of government. This story in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal illustrates the decisions state and local governments–which must balance their budgets–have made in tough economic times, and how new attempts to cut the federal budget will likely have trickle-down effects on state and local budgets.

Look for headlines on how Virginia might further tighten its budget this week as budget-writing committees in both houses of the General Assembly hear updates on the state budget.

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  • LarryG

    Just FYI – when readers follow the link – they get a paragraph and then instead of the rest of the story – an invite to subscribe!

    I think there is a way to access to full story from a reference link but not sure how it works.

    I know that some articles found via GOGGLE search will fully display and then you get the invite to subscribe.

    Anyhow.. this is how far I got when clicking the “here” link:

    ” Federal aid cushioned states from some of the drop in revenues during the …

    To Continue Reading LOG IN or SUBSCRIBE …

  • Emily Battle

    Sorry about that…when I accessed the link it was still complete. Can’t say I blame them, though. Newsrooms do cost money.

  • LarryG

    Well I subscribed to them when they charged $59 but then they raised it to $99 and now offer it to me at the “reduced” rate of $79.

    I’m willing to pay for good hard news – even at the local level.

    In fact, I’m pretty sure I pay FLS more than $100 a year.

    Would I pay FLS a buck a day for local news that I could only get from FLS?


  • TPKeller

    If you Google the first (and generally unique) few words of a news article, they usually give you a coded link that will pass through to the whole story. But it won’t generally work if you post that specific link somewhere else.

    Here’s the Google search I used:“The+U.S.+government+is+now+borrowing+%245+billion+every+business+day”A

  • TPKeller
  • LarryG

    the second one worked. thanks. I knew that some GOOGLE searches yield the entire article…..

    but if you go direct to their web page – no dice. usually.

    Newspapers are still trying to figure out how to “attract” potential subscribers without giving away the store

    I hope they find a way.. I’d sure hate to start get my news from the blogging world….

  • Emily Battle

    Apologies for the confusion, I’ve been away most of the day. Glad y’all found a link that worked.