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Cal Ripken Jr. coming to town Monday for groundbreaking

The Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation will break ground Monday at 10:30 a.m. on the first phase of the youth fields complex baseball Hall-of-Famer Cal Ripken Jr. first pitched to Fredericksburg in 2006. Ripken Jr. will be at the ceremony, which will take place at the city-owned land where the fields will be built, on Wicklow Drive off Fall Hill Avenue.

Look for more information in tomorrow’s paper.


  • Alan

    Do County residents have access to this facility?

  • Emily Battle

    Yes, the Ripken Foundation programs are already in Spotsylvania and Stafford counties. This facility will be owned and operated by the city, but county residents have access to all city parks (except the dog park).

  • George

    The majority of the kids in the various rec sports programs in the city are actually from Spotsy and Stafford, not the ctiy.

    A few main reasons:

    - Parents can count on playing games in the same place everytime.
    - The leagues generally have an atmosphere of better sportsmanship than some of the counties.
    - The prices for non-city residents are competitive with the prices the counties charge for their residents. (And to head off any complaints, the county residents pay twice the fees that city kids do to play in Fred, so they are not getting a free ride on our tax dollars)

    The Ripken Foundation shares many of the same core values as the city programs, so this should be a great partnership. Certainly, the city baseball programs need a little shot in the arm due to falling enrollment.