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Courts developments – some dates

As we reported today, council members will be thrown directly into the courts issue once their summer vacation ends next month.

While the council could be moving toward a condemnation suit to acquire land for a new fire station (Step One in their current courts plan), new Councilman Fred Howe III is asking his colleagues to explore an alternative he’s been working on with local architect Raymond Herlong (and to answer the question from a commenter on the story, Herlong has not been doing this work at city expense up to this point).

A couple of dates to put on your calendar:

Monday (Aug. 2) – Howe, Herlong and others they’ve been working with will talk about their plan on Matt Kelly’s radio show on WFVA AM at 8 a.m.

Aug. 10 – At 7 p.m. in City Council chambers, the planning and fire departments will host a public meeting to answer questions about the prospect of building a fire station at Charles, Progress and Germania streets, the site the city wishes to buy to build the relocated downtown fire station (part of the current plan, not part of Howe’s plan). Here‘s a tax map that shows that site a little more specifically. This meeting is intended to be about concerns from neighbors about what it will be like having a fire station there. More in tomorrow’s paper.

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  • Rufus

    A new courthouse is a taxpayer ripoff! We need to vote this City Council out of office. “Throw the bums out” should be everyone’s slogan.

  • Amazing

    Emily … perhaps you can do some investigative reporting on Daniel Telvock

    See second name from the bottom. If this is the FLS reporter, he obviously likes to print the dirt on everyone else. I guess what goes around comes around. Hopefully, someone from FLS will do accurate reporting because I’m sure the citizens would want to know more about this public intoxication incident. Mr. Telvock does what we refer to as selective reporting, since he deleted all of comments on his blog making reference to the arrest. Thanks!!

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