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Mourning lost trees? Some things to consider…

[NOTE TO READERS: “Morning Buzz” will be taking an extended vacation. These hot summer mornings are not ideal for a steaming cup of anything, and the slower pace of summer is a good time to cut down on caffeine, anyway. Buzz will return in several months. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for news of additional developments related to this blog.]

[Photo by Bob Martin]

As we reported today, about 80 to 100 trees will likely be lost to last Friday’s surprise storm. That’s just counting trees on city property, not those on private land.

I asked Anne Little, who heads up Tree Fredericksburg, which seeks to help rebuild the city’s tree population, if she had any perspective on the tree loss.

Little urged people to consider working with Tree Fredericksburg to plant trees in their front yards. In this location, they can provide the shade of a street tree, but without their roots being confined to the small space between the sidewalk and the street, a position that is likely to compromise both the tree and the sidewalk as the tree grows. Tree Fredericksburg has worked with many homeowners to plant and offer guidance for caring for new trees on private property.

In addition, Little, who also serves on the city’s Clean & Green Commission, said that trees should be considered public infrastructure–as important to replace as roads, sidewalks and sewer lines.

“This year we only had $10,000 allocated to trees in the budget,” she wrote. “We are trying for grants and donations to plant more trees, but the city needs to re-look at how they fund trees. … We need to look at ways to fund the trees or we will continue to see a decline in our city’s urban forest.”

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