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Solley: What’s with the extra “e’s”?

The City Council just voted 7-0 to grant the franchise agreement John Moulton needs to start his Segway tour business in downtown Fredericksburg. Nobody spoke at the public hearing, and there wasn’t a whole lot of discussion.

But Councilman George Solley did have one request of Moulton. He asked that he remove the e’s from the proposed name of his business: Olde Towne Seg Tours.

“We already have an old town,” Solley said. “And those spellings tend to be used by developers that are building things that are neither in a town, nor old, like the Spotsylvania Towne Centre.”

Moulton said he’d consider the change, and that he hadn’t printed up his business materials yet, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

But it’s going to take a lot more than that to rid Fredericksburg of superfluous e’s when it comes to describing the city center. Just look at this Google search for a taste of how many local business names contain the misspellings.

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  • LarryG

    this is one of those things that makes some of us wonder what goes round “upstairs” in some elected reps … and not just local … Richmond and Washington…