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Where’s the rain?

I got excited when I heard about impending nasty weather on the radio yesterday afternoon. I was hoping to skip an evening of watering my garden while fighting off heat and mosquitoes. Around 7 p.m., with no storms in sight, I checked the weather radar and saw a big green blob that seemed to bob and weave to keep from hitting the city, as it passed over southern Spotsylvania and Ashland. So I finally went out and watered.

Local weather watcher Chris White posted some musings about storms that miss Fredericksburg on his “Storms-R-Us” blog today. He explains the phenomenon he has dubbed the Fredericksburg “Toilet Bowl” effect, surmising that there’s something about the topography or the atmospheric conditions northwest of us that causes storms to divide or change course before they get here. Check out White’s blog here.

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  • kimcmitch

    You didn’t want this storm. Check out the damage in Charlottesville. You wouldn’t have a garden to water after that storm. Everyone out there this morning thought a tornado had come through.

  • TPKeller

    This has been a phenomenon we’ve observed for years. It would be interesting if someone would do a real study to figure out what’s going on.

  • TPKeller

    Just happened again over the past hour or two.