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Kelly looks back at river easement discussions at last council meeting

Matt Kelly ended his council career tonight by going back to an issue that was being hotly debated toward the end of his first term.

Kelly referenced Del. Albert Pollard’s recent letter urging the city to add more public access points to its river easement management plan. This is a sentiment that has been expressed by several groups as this plan has gone through the public hearing process.

Kelly pointed out that the eventual management plan will be approved by a council with only two members who were on council during the original easement deliberations (Kerry Devine and Tom Tomzak).

“You’re going to get a lot of people pushing to open that river up,” Kelly said. “Be very, very careful of taking an asset that we want to pass on to future generations and basically degrading it by granting everything everyone seems to be pushing for right now. … I was really surprised at something like that coming from Del. Pollard, given his record on conservation.”

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