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Morning Buzz – May 26, 2010

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Spotsylvania supervisors last night talked about expanding technology zones in the county. This is under consideration in the city, too, specifically for areas along U.S. 1 on the northern end of town. The City Council will talk about this in a few weeks.

The EDA is considering spending some of its bond fee money to acquire the parking lot at William and Prince Edward streets, Bill Freehling reports. EDA member Michael Colangelo is employed by the firm that is marketing this property, but will not vote on the matter. EDA chairwoman Dana Herlong lives right next to it. Don’t forget that in the future, after the Kalahari bonds are sold and the incentives payouts begin, a small portion of the EDA’s take in fees will come from tax dollars. Spotsylvania’s EDA is almost entirely funded by tax dollars, so that’s not unprecedented, but it is a change for this EDA.

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  • Rodger Provo

    The vacant lot would be better used for a new building
    such as the nearby new bank building and the complex planned for the hardware store site not far from this site.

    What a waste of EDA funds!

    Michael Colangelo has been on the EDA for about a
    month and he is representing his employer and the owners of this lot before this body relative to the sale of it.

    What ethical standards do we have in this town for those
    given the opportunity to serve the community?