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Sewer work to close Kenmore/William intersection next week

UPDATE: Readers have asked whether the delays that this project has encountered will drive the cost up significantly. I spoke with Public Works Director Doug Fawcett about that this morning. Because the Kenmore sewer project is one of five projects that were contracted through a public-private partnership, the city has a guaranteed maximum price of $10.4 million for all of this work (That price is for all five projects, not just the Kenmore sewer work). Many of these projects have already been completed along U.S. 1, the Hazel Run line and other areas. Now, as Fawcett points out, that doesn’t mean that delays don’t make the project more expensive than it would have been if everything had gone perfectly (which almost never happens when you are dealing with underground utilities). It means the city has had to tap into contingencies in the contract that it might not have had to spend if the delays and problems hadn’t occurred. But no matter what happens, contractor W.C. Spratt cannot charge the city more than the original $10.4 million for this job. How close to complete is all of this work? From a contract perspective, Spratt has billed the city for all but $1.4 million of the original $10.4 million contract, so it’s more than 86 percent complete.

From the public works department:

Beginning Monday, May 10 (weather permitting), work will begin in and near the intersection of William Street and Kenmore Avenue. Lane closures and periodic complete closure of this intersection to vehicular traffic will be required for the remainder of the week of May 10-14. Some of the work in this area must be completed prior to the re-opening of the intersection of Hanover Street and Kenmore Avenue to vehicular traffic.

Motorists are requested to allow extra time to travel through this area, to look for detour signs and to watch for workers and equipment in the roadway in the vicinity of the work.

Transportation reporter Kelly Hannon tells me the contractor is aware that the intersection must be cleaned up in time for the Historic Half.

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  • Einstein

    Kenmore and William AND Kenmore and Hanover closed at the same time? For how long? Is there a schedule or plan that can be viewed by the public? Also how will the simultaneous closure of these two major intersections affect the response times for the downtown fire station and the FBX Rescue Squad?

  • MGWORK (Marty)

    Very good and important questions, but who has the answers as well as a map to travel by. Fire and Rescue certainly should have a plan “B” just in case the impossible should occur and how long it might take to get to an accident site in and arround either intersection. Can a message get out soon enough to cover most, if not all of the risk associated with the work areas and deployment?