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Morning Buzz – May 3, 2010

A daily digest of what’s going on in Fredericksburg, and what news from elsewhere is relevant here. Send suggestions to

UPDATE (12:18 p.m.): Bea Paolucci just called back and said she is in fact “running” for the Ward 4 seat as a write-in candidate. We’re not going to list write-in candidates in the paper tomorrow because, who knows? Between now and when the papers come out everybody could change their minds again. Paolucci said a group of friends came to her Friday with handbills already made up and asked her to run. “I think I can represent the ward, and I’m knowledgeable about the issues. I think I can bring a lot to the council,” she said.

With one day to go before the ward elections for City Council and School Board, I’m beginning to think the race I ran for vice president of my freshman class in high school was more orderly.

I checked my messages yesterday after three days off to find out Ward 4 resident John White had called off his write-in campaign for that seat for health reasons.

Shawn Lawrence is the only other individual campaigning in that ward, and he has not changed his plans.

Then yesterday afternoon I heard that handbills were being passed around Ward 4 for Bea Paolucci, who told me several weeks ago that she was not campaigning for the seat, but was considering a run in the future.

Then, today, I had an early morning message from White, saying his campaign is “back on.”

Folks, this is not like deciding whether to join your high school Key Club. This is elected office. It’s serious. This is why we have a formal process with deadlines and rules for people to get on the ballot as candidates.

Voting starts at 6 a.m. tomorrow and the polls are open until 7 p.m.


  • Andrew

    Anyone have any idea why it’s hard to get candidates to run for office in the city council elections? Are we satisfied with those that are currently office? or have we not enough interested citizens?

    I know the local political committees aren’t as involved in the local stuff, but maybe greater emphasis needs to be made on developing strong leaders/candidates.

    With that being said, I’m happy with my councilman (Solley) and will support him tomorrow in his uncontested race.

  • ellis

    Perhaps if pertinent was disclosed earlier about a Ward 4 candidate, then others would have run. What is important is that the best person for the position wins.

  • Fredtastic

    Well it might have something to do with how uncivil things have become. Elected officials get blasted by nameless bloggers and second guessed by the general public, who don’t have all the facts. Its a pretty thankless job – it ain’t for the money thats for sure. You either have to have a strong desire to see change in your local community – setting aside family and professional obligations – or have a desire to climb the political ladder to bigger things. Most of us just don’t have the energy to do it. And its unfortunate but its reality.

  • MGWORK (Marty)

    How many more excuses can be found, when change in Fredericksbug is cast in concrete and we get to watch it crumble under its own weight and nothing more than polite conversation. If Fredtastic is comfortable with his notion of reality in Fredericksburg, why join a lost cause?

  • Fredtastic

    I myself hope to run one day. But for now I have four kids under the age of 6 that require my care and attention. For most people – the idea of running for public office is a total turnoff considering the things you have to sacrifice to do it. Like I said – you have to have a passion for seeing change in your local community to put up with the BS that comes with the job. I plan on doing that one day. But my family comes first, just like it is for most people in America. You can have spirited discussion but may it produce something! Not the drivel that most bloggers on this site normally spew that does nothing to promote civility in the public arena.