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Ward 4 write-in candidate wants you to have more ways to give your money to the government

John White, a Mayfield resident who is running a write-in campaign for the Ward 4 seat, waved a $30 check for his service on a city grand jury around at tonight’s City Council meeting and said he wanted to give it back to the city, and that $15 should go to the Central Rappahannock Regional Library and $15 to Head Start.

He also asked that people be given a more active option to forgo their pay for service on a grand jury, and to let the city keep that money.

White then held up his real estate tax assessment and said he’d happily pay an extra 2 cents per $100 on top of the city’s 68-cent tax rate, if he could be guaranteed that one penny would go to Head Start, and one to the library.

“I feel there are people who would do that in the city for their favorite program, and I think we should offer a way for them to do that,” White said.

Do you want to do that?

Also, we’ll have more coverage of both White and Shawn Lawrence, another write-in candidate, in the weekend papers.

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  • B Stelmok

    I have a great idea for you Mr White. It’s called making a donation! Take your $30 or your equivalent of $0.02 of $100 realestate tax and make a donation to the Library or Head Start. Other people might not want to donate to these organizations and may choose to donate elsewhere. Will we require the city to now spend more time dealing with non-profits fighting to get on this “list” of organizations people could send their money to via the city?