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Townhouse development on commercial land off U.S. 1 is back

Three years ago, City Council members raised concerns over a project called Summerfield, which called for townhomes to be built on commercial land near the start U.S. 1′s “motor mile.”  You can read about some of the debate here.

The developer withdrew the project before the council vote, and we haven’t heard much about it since then in the city, although the portion of this development proposed for Spotsylvania County was approved by supervisors in December.

The proposal is now back in the governmental approval process in Fredericksburg, and it’s scheduled for a public hearing before the Planning Commission May 12.

The plan has been reduced to 86 townhomes from 132. Here is the public notice for the May 12 hearing:

SUP2010-03: Marion Hicks – Special Use permit request in order to construct 86 townhouse units on approximately 14 acres of land located to the north of Hudgins Road, west of Jefferson Davis Highway and east of the Kingswood Subdivision located in Spotsylvania County. The property is zoned CH, Commercial Highway which requires a special use permit in order to construct townhouse units.  The property is designated as General Commercial on the Future Land Use Map found within the 2007 Comprehensive Plan.


  • Andrew

    Last I knew of this project, it did not include a direct connection to Route 1. Although expensive, I think it would be valuable to provide an entrance into the facility that lines up with Learning LN/entrance to the schools. This would also allow the dealerships (now defunct) to reduce their entrance points that are directly on Route 1.

    Just my two cents. I’m too late in the game to raise these issues with the developer/PC/City Council, but my concern exists that Hudgins Road (in the county) will not be able to support the type of development proposed with this project and the SFD housing project recently approved by the County.