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Morning Buzz — April 21, 2010

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More on the budget –

Last night’s public hearing and council work session both focused on the prioritization of outside nonprofit agencies. If you’d like to see the proposals the council members still have on the table as their first vote on the budget approaches (April 27), click here. The “propositions for discussion” are still floating around, but council members talked a little about them last night. The “propositions for voting” will be voted up or down at a work session before the April 27 meeting.

A couple of folks have picked up on the line in today’s story stating that Fredericksburg has the highest per-capita costs in the region for public safety, courts and public works. This is drawn from data from the state’s auditor of public accounts. I have been working with this data recently to look at how our region’s local governments stack up statewide in terms of spending levels and tax burdens. I’ll save the tax conclusions for later, but below are the numbers behind the statements in today’s story.

Keep in mind that Fredericksburg has a much smaller population than most of its neighbors, and that as a regional hub, a lot of people from outside the city come here to entertain themselves, and sometimes involvement in the criminal justice system is a result of that entertainment. Fredericksburg is also the only locality in our region that maintains a police department in addition to a sheriff’s department. These figures include federal and state money spent in these categories, and Fredericksburg gets less state aid per capita than all but four of our region’s 13 localities.

Per-capita spending on public safety (Fredericksburg is No. 2 in the state in this category):

Fredericksburg 945.59
Westmoreland 446.22
Culpeper 410.22
Stafford 385.23
Caroline 377.38
King George 361.30
Spotsylvania 356.15
Fauquier 355.17
Colonial Beach 345.10
Louisa 343.52
Orange 330.51
Orange 290.11
Culpeper 289.66

Per-capita spending on public works:

Fredericksburg 410.02
Orange 360.13
Culpeper 335.28
Fauquier 206.64
Colonial Beach 198.45
Westmoreland 153.35
Caroline 106.15
Orange 104.73
Louisa 103.06
Spotsylvania 96.95
Culpeper 86.09
King George 55.87
Stafford 51.42

Per-capita spending on judicial administration (Fredericksburg is No. 3 in the state in this category):

Fredericksburg 141.28
Westmoreland 73.41
King George 72.66
Fauquier 72.25
Caroline 65.04
Louisa 61.19
Stafford 54.60
Culpeper 52.78
Spotsylvania 47.20
Orange 43.48

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