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Holmes will stay on ballot

Jannan Holmes said this morning that she has decided to stay on the ballot for the Ward 3 School Board race. She faces incumbent Janice Walsh.

The Electoral Board decided yesterday to allow Holmes to stay on the ballot, despite the fact that one of her petition circulators does not live in Ward 3. This means this race will be the only contested race out of eight council and school board seats up for election May 4.

Here is what Holmes had to say about her decision:

I have decided to stay on the ballot for school board. The people circulating petitions to get my name on the ballot acted in good faith based on information we received from the registrar’s office.  The residents of Fredericksburg who were kind enough and involved enough to open their doors and sign my petition believed they were doing so to have a choice for school board. The people of Fredericksburg  deserve to have that choice. I hope that next time Mrs. Walsh and I meet it will be to discuss issues facing the students and teachers of Fredericksburg, not technicalities.

Also, a clarification from today’s story: Richard Garnett called this morning and said he did not go to the registrar’s office to inspect Holmes’ petitions. A “third party” working on behalf of Janice Walsh did so. Garnett said Walsh’s supporters were looking at who was circulating the petitions to try to determine who Holmes’ power base was, and at a campaign-related meeting for Walsh, it was discovered that one of the addresses of the circulators was in Ward 2. Garnett then called that irregularity into the registrar’s office.

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  • Rodger Provo

    I think it is a good thing for the city that Ms. Holmes has
    decided to stay in this race. We need some discussion
    in town about the school budget and changes we need
    to make in our system. A contested race will offer the
    voters an opportunity for that discussion.

    Shame on those who tried to drive her out of this race
    because of a mistake by the electorial board staff.