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Next week: Kalahari, budget, apartments in Celebrate Va.

Here are my public calendar entries for next week, in case you’re looking for something to do:

The Economic Development Authority meets at noon Monday in City Hall, 715 Princess Anne St. Authority members will be briefed on the $25 million in recovery zone financing that Kalahari Resorts was recently granted access to.

The City Council meets at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in City Hall. City Manager Beverly Cameron will present his budget for the next fiscal year.

The Planning Commission meets at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in City Hall. Commissioners will hold a public hearing on a proposed apartment complex in Celebrate Virginia.


  • Nona Rector

    Will the City Councel members think aything about those of us that do not want Kalahari in Celebrate Virginia? Or Celebrate Virginia itself? Or any of their other ideas to turn us into an overcrowded, expensive city? We moved here because of the small town, quiet, affordable environment.

  • Matt

    Bring it on… Kalahari will be the best thing to hit Fredericksburg since the blizzards of 2009/2010. Celebrate Virginia is a joke in itself. Celebrate VA north in Stafford County is nothing but a struggling bunch of stores that may as well close their doors, which many have already done. A four lane parkway that leads back to a golf course and basically nothing else. Promises from a developer to bring restaurants and convenience to southern Stafford residents. Well, most of us who live in the Route 17-North corridor just preferred to go to Central Park… we liked our wide open spaces and less traffic. Tear down the shopping center, the Wal Mart, the Lowes and everything else that has attempted to turn southern Stafford into route 3. Give us back the open spaces. We do not need the congestion.

  • Dennis Silver

    “We moved here because of the small town, quiet, affordable environment”….that is exactly why this area is now growing so much because of all the people who have moved here from other places. Don’t complain about the growth when it is happening because of you and people like you. We just need responsible gov’t leaders who can guide the growth to happen in a managed way. Make sure infrastructure is in place BEFORE more houses and shopping are built. This includes the need for roads, schools, services, and utilities ahead of time.

  • Duane

    Then be prepared to pay more real estate taxes if you want services. The city residents have long lived off the cashcow that Central Park is. The businesses /commercial revenue and taxes it creates are what keep your real estate taxes the LOWEST TAXES OF ANY CITY IN THE COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA. (look it up) Look at your surrounding counties and see what suburban taxes look like with less commercial bases. Pick your poison. Lastly, don’t criticize growth unless your relatives have always lived here, otherwise you or your relatives were “outsiders” who moved here as well.

  • Rufus

    People can surf at Kalahari, and then shop at Circuit City, and the boarded-up Tweeters, and visit the areas where the Slavery Museum and Turkish Bazaar might have been built. For the next few years, while this severe recession continues, Kalahari could accept Food Stamps for the indoor surfing rides. Foreclosed and chapter eleven families should get a discount on the rooms. The people who stand at the Central Park entrance with the “Homeless, Please Help” signs will get more spare change at the Kalahari entrance.

  • http://MAVRICKinc MGWork

    Why don’t we just relive another episode of the North vs South? Locals vs outsiders. Suburban vs Rural. Let’s leave the well dry and see how well off you and your neighbors get. Live off all the open spaces your elected officials can save for you, without imposing on their working agenda to bring high density populations to your door step, whether you like it or not. If you care so much about small, quiet and affordable, what do you intend to do about it?

    Whining doesn’t pay the bills. If you are so concerned about spraw, why did your elected official decide to join VRE without you knowing anything about VRE? The idea was, that if you have a train station, Stafford brings more good paying jobs to the region, and removes more commuter traffic from the I-95 corridor. That investment also turned sour but who knew. Yes, Celebrate Virginia is a joke that we stopped laughing at or about years ago.

    What do we intend to do about that? Find a funding source along lines of a bottomless pit . Where do you find that kind of money? Check your wallet.

    Simply said, you and every person or family who wants more of the past than the present are living in the wrong corridor. In ten years you won’t even know what your front door step even looks like.

    Harsh? Very? Can we make it go away? NO. Unless we decide to become more involved with reality than emotions we don’t stand a chance. Kalihari is a distinct POSSIBILITY. Maybe we’ll be able to get some free tickets on their Merry-GO-Round.

  • Einstein

    Kalahari will not be built, not in the next several year at least.

    The $25 million in stimulus money is a far cry from the $250(and growing) million needed to built the park. Mr Nelson has been all over the country — and the world — looking for financing over the past three years and has gotten no backers.

    Even the $25 million gift is contingent on construction beginning by June 30th, a scant three month away. Many of the City’s timeliness for the massive incentive package are looming if not already past in some cases.

    Meanwhile, Stafford County, in the form of the Quantico Technology Park, has acquired nearly a million square feet of office space that is luring businesses from the City, bringing high paying professional employment and taxes from national and multi national corporations.

  • http://MAVRICKinc MGWork

    How come I can’t get booking on this as Marty Work says, or Mavrick says?