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City Council updates

- Two people have called the city’s voter registrar today expressing interest in being write-in candidates for the Ward 4 City Council seat. They are Shawn Lawrence, who works for the disAbility Resource Center, and John White, a Mayfield resident. I have calls out to both of these men, and I’ll post more information when I have it.

- As he winds down his City Council career, current Ward 3 Councilman Matt Kelly will be trying his hand as a radio host. WFVA AM announced today that Kelly will host its “WFVA Town Hall” program, which airs at 8 a.m. weekdays,  starting April 5. Kelly will lead discussions on regional issues on the show. This means that Kelly will be on the airwaves throughout this year’s budget process and election. Not sure what the reaction will be from Mayor Tom Tomzak, who at one point in last week’s City Council meeting turned to the city attorney and said of Kelly, “Do I have to let him talk?”


  • Don

    How very unprofessional of the Mayor. Can’t wait to return from Afghanistan and get involved. Heads up Mayor, I like to drive the moonbats crazy!

  • TPKeller

    I was at the meeting… The mayor’s remark was a joke. Everyone laughed.

  • http://MAVRICKinc MGWork

    As I’m sure Ms. Battle did laugh as well.

  • joe

    i’m sure the fls wants to have the hammer on this issue. Will this election be decided in the press, or will it be decided in the community?

    The more Tomzak talks, the more we learn. Unfortunately, the FLS does not print the numerous faux pas. Almost like the FLS is protecting the mayor. Or, is there an agreement to not print such in exchange for priviledged information? Unfortunately, you will never know reading the local rag.