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Registrar: Write-ins will determine Ward 4 race

City Voter Registrar Juanita Pitchford called the State Board of Elections first thing this morning to ask about protocol for an election with no registered candidate, which is what Fredericksburg faces for the Ward 4 City Council seat.

“Whoever gets the highest number of write-ins will be elected,” Pitchford said.

The ballot in Ward 4 will have no candidate name on it. It will have three lines for write-in candidates.

Daffy Duck, Mickey Mouse and the Drunken Tree Sloth could not be reached this morning for comment on whether they would be willing to serve, if deemed eligible.

It’s a lot easier to comment on City Beat now (no FredTalk name required), so please leave any serious suggestions for write-in possibilities in this ward below.

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  • LarryG

    Can you tell us more about what is going on with the Blog/Fredtalk issue?

  • Emily Battle

    We have switched to WordPress blogs. You no longer need a FredTalk login to comment on this blog. I am pleased to see that, so far, this seems to be drawing more comments to the blog. The whole point of a blog is to create a forum for quality discussion. So I hope to see more people joining in the discussion. A special thanks to all of those who have commented with their real names.

  • TPKeller

    Sorry to continue off topic, but I don’t like it at all. I already sent an e-mail to Brian Baer, but he has not responded. What is to keep someone from commenting under “my” username? Or LarryG’s? Or any of the other folks who have taken the time to comment enough to have garnered a bit of a reputation around here?

    As I suggested to Mr. Baer, the FredTalk login credentials should still be required, but to accommodate those who don’t want to sign up, provide an easy “anonymous” username option. That keeps someone from “hijacking” another’s username.

  • Emily Battle

    I understand your concern. The problem with FredTalk IDs is that they are incredibly cumbersome to get. They are keeping new people out of the discussion. It seems to me that it would be pretty hard to introduce the FredTalk logins into a system that also allows other logins, but maybe the Web folks can figure that out. In the meantime, if you or anyone else feels your identity is being hijacked on this blog, please bring that to my attention. If that turns out to be the case, I will delete the fraudulent comment.

  • http://MAVRICKinc MGWork

    The easier you make it, to access blog sites, the less anonymous, or feeling more entitled to sound off than new bloggers, sort of makes more of a level playing field, instead of wading around and through all those stale Ad Hoc representations and same old sound bites. Thank you for moving on, IN the 21st centry. Maybe we can find a new outlook for the Region, without stepping on too many toes that have long been cast in concrete, and no where else to go.

  • http://MAVRICKinc MGWork

    I’m impressed with the instant feedback and your TAG construction sites. Should make for some interesting conversations