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Council Races: Who is Fred Howe III?

Fred Howe III

There are still two hours left to file for candidacy, but as of now, it’s looking like the only fresh face we are likely to see on City Council come July 1 is Fred Howe III, who is, as of now, the only candidate in Ward 3, the seat currently held by Matt Kelly.

I met with Howe and his wife, Tanya, today at the offices of Utility Professional Services Inc., the business they started in their basement, and have owned since 2002.

Howe, 52, said Marguerite Young, his neighbor in the Confederate Ridge subdivision, approached him about running for the seat last Wednesday night, as it was becoming clear that nobody was stepping in to fill the vacancy. He spent the next few days collecting signatures and filed his paperwork with the registrar this morning.

Howe said he thinks his experience as a business owner, and in the corporate world working for Virginia Power for 23 years before that, give him a good foundation for serving on council. You can read more about Howe’s business experience in this story we ran in 2008.

Howe said he is frustrated with the way government and politics work at all levels, and he figured he might as well stop complaining and start getting involved.

“I’m really tired of whining about the problems. I have decided to throw my hat in the ring and get involved,” he said. “We really like the area, and now it’s time to put a little investment in that.”

Howe wants to take some time to study the issues before council before weighing in on them, but he did say he thinks the fact that he’s new to them could be an asset.

“I don’t owe anybody anything. I come in fresh with a clean slate,” he said.

He said he thinks investing in the city schools, and making sure they stay at a level that will draw people to the city, should be a priority.

Look for a rundown of the final slate for the City Council and School Board races in tomorrow’s paper.


  • Josh Breaux

    Nice article. I hope you get to know Fred along the way and I hope he goes far. I got to know Fred and his family a few years ago, when I was fortunate enough to work with him on a New Business Development project at Dominion Virginia Power.

    Fred is a smart, upright, hard working person who loves this Country and the American people and he is passionate about upholding the precepts established by our founding fathers. I live in Calirornia so I can’t vote in the local election, but I will say this without reservation, Fred Howe III would be an excellent force out there making a difference representing the people. He for sure would have my vote.
    Josh Breaux

  • RacerX

    If only he had ever voted in a municipal election, I might believe him.
    Sounds more like someone who saw an opportunity for an uncontested election…

  • matt

    nah, I’ve known him for years now….he’s an extremely solid guy. Very good hearted and very, very intelligent and even more motivated. Ask him why he started his company and you’ll see how great a guy he is.

  • http://aol Amy Howe Wiedle

    Don’t trust him – enough said -

  • bob ford

    My question is: Who has all the donations of money and artifacts that were donated to the so called Slavery Museum? An investigation needs to be started against whoever abscounded with all that money and property. This was Ex Gov. Wilders boondoggle and will he be held accountable? I donated artifacts that I want returned immediately. Bob Ford Stafford, Va.

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