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Coming next week

I won’t be posting here tomorrow, so here’s the lineup for next week:

Monday – The School Board will hold a public hearing on its proposed budget for next year. This budget includes 2 percent raises for school employees. Here‘s some background. Here‘s this year’s budget, if you’re interested. The schools budget could change dramatically after March 9, when City Manager Beverly Cameron releases his proposed budget.

Tuesday - 7 p.m. is the filing deadline for potential City Council and School Board candidates. So far, Ward 1 incumbent Brad Ellis and Ward 2 incumbent George Solley are the only two who have announced intentions to run and have been seen collecting signatures for their candidate petitions. Today, Ward 3 resident and local developer Kris Angstadt said he has picked up a candidate packet, and is considering a run, but hasn’t committed quite yet. Ward 4 incumbent Hashmel Turner had indicated earlier that he was ready to retire, but he said last week that he may run again, as he has found no candidate to run in Ward 4. If there’s someone out there running who isn’t on this list, please give me a call. 

Thursday – If funding for the complete project becomes available, the city could build a trail that connects the two ends of the Canal Path (Right now, the city has a federal grant to cover half of the $1 million project cost.). City officials will hold an informational meeting on the Rappahannock River Heritage Trail from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. at the meeting room in the former Maury School, which is on Barton Street. Look for more on this in Tuesday’s City & Spotsy Extra section.

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  • mrcaus

    I’m surprised anyone runs for Council, especially w/ the recent dust up over salaries. You could double the pay & I think most people still would not run. It appears to be a thankless job requiring long hours for little in return. I don’t know how they stay alert (or awake) at Council meetings. I certainly disagree w/ some of what they do, but I believe that they’re sincerely trying to do their best, especially in a difficult economy. Anyone who thinks that it’s easy, or that he/she could do better, should run for a seat.

  • mydar

    Government for the people BY the people — except the *people* would rather stand on the sidelines and critique, pontificate and mock those who chose to take an active part in governing.

    Inside of spending hours, as say a FUG master flash, criticizing all the things that are wrong with local governing, why not walk away from your keyboard and run for office? In the game is different from on the sidelines.

    There is accountability and expectation when you’ve been handed the ball.Certainly being an active and informed citizen is part of the responsibility of being in a representative democracy. However, if you disagree strongly with what those who are in the hot seat, step up; show us all how it is done.

  • MAVRICKinc

    We are being challenged to run for the hot seat with reasons enough not to run for office. Mrcaus’s disclaimer that our current government is made up of special people trying to do their best to deal with changing times is reason enough not to stand up or take possession of this ball of responsibility and accountability. Pick that ball up and throw it as hard as you can at Fredericksburg’s walled city and see if any part of that ball sticks or just falls to the ground like those in the past had the right idea but couldn’t get past 1st base. WHY? Because Fredericksburg can’t let go. Aristocracy rules and will not change, so why stand up when you can’t even get beyond the closed door? Behind that door stands the real power in Fredericksburg. It’s as old as dirt and button-down collars.

    Politics and puppets is all that Fredericksburg needs for the time being.

    CSX owns the tracks and soon to be third rail. They have no accountability to Frederickburg citizens or its government. Real Estate special interest is in charge of changing the Fredericksburg land scape. FAMPO is developing how land will be used in the future and conforming to State and Federal regional designs that will bring high density population to the REGION, not Fredericksburg. Try sharing that with your elected officials and see what you get back in return.

    Informed citizens no longer exist. There’s not enough time to become involved. The past 30 years of deceipt from those who told us they could be trusted and now look where we’re standing.

    If you’re looking for real solutions, you’ll find them out back buried with all the other good ideas that met their fate because no one was listening, except to the beat of their own drum.

    When Fredericksburg starts falling around its citizens ears, I’m going to ask Tommy Mitchell if he has any solutions he can share with us, that we ALL can live with

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