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City crews salting streets, plowing slush today; some streets could re-freeze tonight

Here’s the latest update from Fredericksburg’s public works department, posted at 11 a.m. today. Note that the National Weather Service is calling for a low of 10 degrees tonight.

Snow Removal Operations Update

Sunday, January 31, 2010

11:00 AM


Plowing operations continued through the night. The focus this morning is the application of salt to streets. Later in the day, these streets will be plowed to remove the melted “slush”. This process will not be completed on all streets before temperatures drop below freezing again this evening, so motorists could continue to watch for icy patches. Public Works Department operations were supplemented by contracted equipment and personnel overnight and a contractor is working to clear residential streets today. The “load and haul” operation in the downtown will begin at 5:00 PM.


Residents who are clearing snow from driveways or on-street parking spaces are urged to throw the snow AWAY from the street rather than into the travel lanes and to place the snow beyond their driveway or parking space (to the left as you face your home from the street), so that future plowing will be less likely to plow snow back into the cleared area.


Motorists are also urged to watch carefully for pedestrians walking in the street.


The normal refuse and recycling schedule will be in effect for Monday. Public Works employees will go onto residents’ property to collect refuse only if the path from the street to the location of the refuse has been cleared.


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