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Morning Buzz – Jan. 25, 2010

A daily digest of what’s going on in Fredericksburg, and what news from elsewhere is relevant here. Send suggestions to

Bagging bags. We ran a story about a year ago about Councilman Brad Ellis’ frustration with plastic bags. Since then, a few proposed pieces of state legislation have died, and a few more have been proposed. There is no bag ban or bag fee on the table in Fredericksburg, but The Wall Street Journal this morning looks at how the District of Columbia’s efforts to curb bag use are causing confusion among many retailers. Click here for the story about that city’s 5-cent bag tax. 

City Beat is now 3 years old, as of yesterday. Looking back over the archives, I realized that this blog is sort of like the soap opera "Days of Our Lives." If you tuned out in January 2007, there are a lot of plotlines that really wouldn’t have advanced themselves very far while you were gone. Unlike Days of Our Lives, though, nobody in the City Beat cast of characters has fallen victim to possession by the devil. But there is an election coming up in May.

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  • lgross

    too much information! that’s one of the worst things
    I’ve ever watched…