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Potholes too much on Chatham Bridge

VDOT has closed the right lane of traffic on the Chatham Bridge, headed out of the city, because of the severity of the potholes on that part of the bridge.

If you’ve driven on this bridge in recent days, you have either swerved into someone else’s lane or you’ve hit these holes head-on and worried about your next trip to the mechanic.

Potholes are a common occurence after winter weather. The freeze-thaw temperature cycle can cause pavement to expand and contract, and when you combine that with the metal blades of snow plows, things just get worse (In Fredericksburg, however, Public Works Director Doug Fawcett tells me the city uses rubber-tipped plow blades, which don’t tend to open potholes as aggressively as the steel-tipped blades.).

Most road maintenance agencies approach the problem by using a temporary "cold patch" fix during the winter months, then coming back in the spring, once the asphalt plants have reopened, with a more permanent fix.

But the potholes in the right-hand, eastbound lane of the Chatham Bridge are too big and too deep for a cold patch, said VDOT spokeswoman Tina Bundy, so VDOT is looking around for an asphalt plant that’s open so it can fix the holes.

Bundy said the lane was closed for drivers’ safety, and will remain closed until the holes are repaired.

"It could be closed a couple of weeks, it just depends on how quickly we can find a plant open," Bundy said.

In the meantime, you can send us pictures of your favorite potholes here

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  • Jwkurtz21

    For a while with potholes, this isn’t something new
    except that they are now bigger. It was already bad
    enough just a few weeks ago before all this weather