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East coast snow storm brings national exposure to Fredericksburg

CNN truck at Hyperion

A CNN crew rolled into Fredericksburg last night to prepare to cover the snow storm that has shut down roads, air travel and other business along the East Coast. 

If you’ve been watching television today, you have probably seen correspondent Reynolds Wolf reporting from William Street. The crew is now camped out at Hyperion (and they’re looking for lunch suggestions, if you want to help them out).

It’s snowing all over the place, so why Fredericksburg?

"They wanted us to cover an area that was a really pretty, really historical area," Wolf said. He also admits he’s a Civil War history buff, so that didn’t hurt his selection.

Downtown streets are being shared by pedestrians, dogs and a few cars today. Several businesses are open or trying to open. 

If you have to get out today, be sure to check Kelly Hannon’s blog for real-time updates on road conditions.

William St

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