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Public works is getting ready to paint some new crosswalks in the downtown area, and they’re circulating the plan before work starts next week. The following is from the city:

City Council has appropriated $ 35,000 for Public Works  to install ladder type crosswalks in the City, primarily in the downtown.   The Public Works Department has developed a list of intersections where new crosswalks are proposed.   The attached map shows the proposed intersections to receive crosswalks.


The City wants to get opinions from those who may have an opinion about these crosswalks before installation begins next Tuesday, November 3.   Public Works is pushing this initiative ahead before cold weather sets in and in hopes of improving pedestrian safety in the downtown.   Please review the attached map and share any comments you may have with Doug Fawcett, the Director of Public works at or 372-1023.     


A couple of points:


·         When you review the map, you will notice that there are a number of intersections where a ladder crosswalk is proposed on one, two or three legs of the intersection. This is because that intersection does not lend itself to having (or does not need) ladder crosswalks on all four legs.


·         For the intersections on William Street (i.e., at Prince Edward, Princess Anne and Caroline) where ladder crosswalks are currently NOT proposed, the reason is that the pavement in these intersections needs to be repaired or replaced before new crosswalks are installed.  The City does not currently have the funds to perform the asphalt repairs/replacement.


·         We will install ladder crosswalks at William/Sophia when we perform the traffic signal upgrade at that intersection for which the City has received grant funds from VDOT (sometime in 2010). We will also install countdown pedestrian signals at that intersection as part of the project.


·         Note that repainting of the current crosswalks at certain intersections is also proposed.


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  • mydar

    Well done! The need for crosswalks downtown is long over due. I’ve watched pedestrians dodge cars for years downtown. Such a heavily touristed section of the city demands it. (Next task: get cars to stop s p e e d i n g on Caroline St). Was recently visiting Maine. It is a STATE law that all vehicles must yield to pedestrians in cross walks. (Most European countries have a similar law). It is a civilized and common sense law. But, try standing in the marked cross walk (including lights and a sign!) on William St/Kenmore St. by the College and you will probably be killed — no car will stop.