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Details on the city’s gift of time

City Council members voted earlier this month to relax the downtown parking rules during the Christmas shopping season. City officials have since put together a handout that offers a little more detail on this switch, which is meant to give shoppers the opportunity to have a more leisurely outing without having to walk a few minutes out of their way to use the parking garage.

You can get a copy of the handout here.

Basically, any on-street parking spot marked with a two-hour limit will have a four-hour limit starting Nov. 14. The 4-hour allowance will expire Jan. 1, 2010, so if you wake up after 9 a.m. on New Year’s Day and your car is somewhere downtown, the clock will be ticking…

The relaxed rules apply to an area bound by the Rappahannock River, Lafayette Boulevard, Prince Edward Street and Amelia Street.

The handout also points out all the free parking the city already offers downtown. 

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  • lgross

    clearly there is potential here for too many people to
    crowd into downtown Fredericksburg and mess up the
    plans of the shopowners to use their rocking chairs
    all day..


  • tpkeller

    Just to expound on what you said, on the morning of New Year’s Day, according to the flyer, the “normal” 2-hour timer starts ticking at 9 AM, so that means you should be good until 10:59 AM before you have to move your car… :)

    For some, I would suppose that difference will not be insignificant…

  • NatatiaBledsoe

    since January 1 is a holiday, and parking restrictions are not enforced on holidays, then you’re good to go until January 2. Enjoy the shopping!

  • mydar

    Can the City Guarantee that I will have a parking space directly In front of the store I will be patronizing? Because if not — deal’s off. I would much rather troll around a parking lot for 25 minutes until I can get the closest possible space to avoid at all cost the need to walk or obtain any exercise in any form! This is America!