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Demolition downtown

The city-owned building formerly known as Wings on the Water is no more. City Building Official Steve Smallwood sent the following pictures of the demolition, which happened this morning.

I offer three suggested soundtracks for viewing these photos:

- If you have fond memories of Wings, try this.

- If you think the city couldn’t knock the thing down fast enough, try this.

- If you think the city overpaid for the property, erred in shutting down a tax-paying business and shouldn’t be spending money to build a park right now, this is probably your speed.

Going, … 

… going, …

… gone. 

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  • CraigBuck

    Was this necessary? The city has no plans and no money to do anything with a park right now. Why did they have to rush to buy this property and take it off the income-producing tax rolls? Having bought it, why did they have to shut down a going business that could have been paying taxes, employing people and paying rent to the city?

    Just asking. . .

  • jaykontur

    This was a really cool place to hang out. Parks are
    dumb and not what this city needs. I’ve lived here
    all my life and have never gone to any of the parks.
    Just my opinion…

  • dngr1

    that just when it seems there is a decent place with great atmosphere to hang out and enjoy the weather and view of the river while having a few adult beverages, the City of Fredericksburg feels it necessary to tear it down?….just sayin

  • fredtalkinmofo

    I have many memories from this place, A park, great the illegals can float down and play a sport, perhaps soccer.

  • pennylloyd

    I agree – this new park, I’m sure it will be beautiful, will be overrun w/ illegals who have never paid a dime in taxes. Take a look at Olde Mill Park, every weekend, illegals come from everywhere to enjoy a park paid for by our tax dollars. Contributions = benefits people!

  • rjbarlow

    I remember this building as the Copper Shop, and then the deck was built for an outdoor restaurant and bar that was to be called
    “Charlotte’s Bottom” since it was at the bottom of Charlotte Street. It eventually became Wings on the Water. It was a great hangout, and I am sure it will become a park few will visit or enjoy.

  • luvmuchdanyell

    Maybe they could demolish the two motels at the end of Virginia Ave? I mean of all the buildings you could tear down I don’t think anyone would mind if these two were gone.