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Anybody weeping over Wings?

This is the city-owned building formerly known as Wings on the Water, as it sat this morning, awaiting demolition by a city contractor (No, the purple limo that used to sit out front is not in that Dumpster.).

Every fall for the past four years I’ve written about efforts to build a park on Fredericksburg’s downtown riverfront. Along the way, the city has spent a total of $2.8 million on property down there, and now they’re under contract with Collins Contracting of Spotsylvania to do $86,445 worth of work to make the area look a little bit more like a park than it does now. That work doesn’t include the more expensive fountains and paved plaza in the park plan, but it does include tearing down the Wings building.

Workers on the site said this morning that the deck is being dismantled this week, and that it will probably be Friday or early next week before the building comes down, so you have more time to reminisce about all the good times, first dates, etc. (There was a lot of etc. going on at Wings, as city police reports show), you may have had there.

Wings was an interesting place to people-watch. One summer evening I saw a fairly dazed diner sitting at the outdoor bar fling a ranch-dressing-covered tomato wedge off his plate. The tomato went flying across the bar, right into an unsuspecting woman’s cleavage (not a small target).

There was also great conversation. One time, I heard a customer order a round of shots for his buddies.

"Shots of what?" the bartender asked.

"Ahdunno, wuhr just drankin," the customer explained helpfully, trying very hard to keep one of his eyes open.

Feel free to share your memories of Wings, or your thoughts on whether the park is a good or bad idea, below.


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