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Morning Buzz — Sept. 23, 2009

A daily digest of what’s going on in Fredericksburg, and what news from elsewhere is relevant here. Send suggestions to

Rental properties in Fredericksburg’s College Heights and College Terrace neighborhoods were the first to be subjected to regular inspections under the city’s rental housing inspection program. Last night, building officials made the case to City Council members for expanding that program to the Fall Hill Avenue corridor, with a focus on the Central Park Townhomes. Council members supported the proposal. More in the paper later this week. 

Germanna Community College will soon be asking Fredericksburg to contribute to the cost of a new academic building on its campus. Pam Gould reports today that the college asked Spotsylvania County for $1.2 million last night, and will be asking Fredericksburg, Stafford, Caroline and King George counties for a total of $1.5 million. 

Big boxes – While Fredericksburg is concerned about filling its empty big-box stores, the city of Lynchburg is worried about regulating folks who want to build more of them. That city passed an ordinance last night that specifically regulates "big-box" stores, defined as 75,000 square feet of more. The News & Advance reports that "Requirements include making provisions for mass transit access; building a connected system of external sidewalks and internal walkways; and employing a more environmentally friendly system of stormwater management that allows at least 25 percent of all water to return directly to the soil."

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  • mydar

    I’ve long been puzzled by the blatantly bizarre design of parking lots in this areas.They seem purpose-built to confound, confuse and impede. Central Park is the worst: no access; dead ends; curves; twists turns — what demented mind conjures up these layouts?? And then this from the Lynchburg paper’s article on Big Box stores:
    “The city considers cross-access between properties to be a desirable traffic management technique because it allows drivers to get from one store to another without getting back onto the main road.” Ahhhh . . .a glint of common sense and reason from a government entity! Any chance local developers can put away their protractors and adopt the sublime simplicity of the straight line?